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To what extent will home security signs deter intrusion in Montgomery?

August 29, 2022
vivint signage in the front yard next to a black picket fence

Showing a security sign in clear view can be essential for numerous home security systems. It cautions prospective burglars that your home is guarded and that they would be better off finding a more unfortified house to attack. But don't put all your trust in a basic bit of signage to dseter intrusion in Montgomery. A fully equipped security system should also contain other features, like security cameras, smart locking systems, and motion detectors.

Yes, home security signs are able to deter intrusions in Montgomery

Various studies indicate that security signs are a good idea when looking at ways to deter an intrusion. The reasoning is that the burglar will discover the sign and swiftly make the decision that your home is a poor choice to target. After all, why get concerned about security cameras and motion detectors when they can move onto an unprotected mark somewhere else?

Nevertheless, the same reports show that a visible display ranks fairly low as a burglary deterrent. A well-placed sign primarily puts off novices, but seasoned crooks will want to see the extent of security that is truly protecting your home before moving on. Other equipment, like outdoor video cameras, have greater success at preventing an intrusion.

Additional security installations that deter intrusion in Montgomery

Even though security signs may help deter intrusion on occasion, they can’t be relied upon as your one and only security measure. Here are a few additional options that can elevate the protection of your house:

  • Outdoor surveillance: Placing a video camera underneath an eave or directly to the side of your house is more effective than security signs to deter an intrusion in Montgomery. The furthest thing a burglar desires is to be caught on video.

  • Doorbell security cams: The advantage of a doorbell camera is that it’s always in the perfect place, right by your primary entry point. A veteran invader also will understand that these devices sync to your mobile device through an home security app.

  • Smart locks: A smart locking system has a coded keypad in lieu of a keyhole. These are more challenging to pick and easier for you to track.

  • Automated lights: The leading method to deter a prowler is to make it appear that you are on site. Arranging a light to illuminate whenever your outdoor surveillance notices unusual movement helps craft this illusion. You may even have your smart lights on a custom plan to come on at specified times when you're taking a trip.

The best deterrent is a Vivint smart home

When you choose a Vivint home security system, you don’t need to concern yourself about yard displays and window labels being your chief line of defense. Yard displays are an element of your package, but you may also get the indoor and outdoor cameras, smart locks, and smart lighting options that greatly enhance your home’s security. Simply dial (334) 378-2456 or submit the form on this page to consult with a security specialist.